Instructions for the GPS monitoring device

  1. On/Off
    1. To turn on: press and hold for 1 second the power button located on the lower right side of the equipment (next to the green sticker). The LEDs next to the signs for GPS, GSM, BATTERY will now start to blink;
    2. To turn off: press and hold for 1 second the power button. All the LEDs will start blinking randomly. The equipment will shut down in 5 to 30 seconds. The equipment is shut down when LEDs are no longer blinking.
  2. Charging
    1. Before you charge the equipment, it is preferable to shut it down (see instructions above).
    2. Above the power button there is a grey rubber protection. By removing the protection one can see the USB socket destined for charging the equipment. Connect the charger to the USB socket and plug the charger. The equipment will start automatically (LEDs turn on) and it will start charging.
    3. The equipment is fully charged when the BATTERY LED is illuminated.
  3. Handling
    1. For easy handling put the equipment in the magnetic support.
    2. In order to have the best possible reception for the GPS signal, the GPS device must be placed so that it has a clear view of the sky and is not blocked by any metallic surface. The ideal places for it are on the dashboard (under the windscreen) or on the trunk, under the rear window. The equipment also operates in good conditions when put in the armrest.
  4. Functioning of the LEDs
    1. GPS LED
      1. Turned on when there is GPS signal;
      2. Blinking when searching for the GPS signal.
    2. Battery LED
      1. When connected to the plug:
        1. It blinks when it is charging;
        2. It is illuminated when fully charged;
      2. When not connected to the plug:
        1. It is turned off when the battery level is over 15 %;
        2. It blinks when battery level goes under 15%.
      3. GSM LED



  1. The equipment can be left running continuously throughout the competition. In this case, before removing the equipment from charging, do check to see if the Battery LED is illuminated.
  2. There are also other locations inside the car that can provide a good reception of the GPS signal. However, they can vary from one car to another.
  3. Do not use FM Modulators, they will create GPS errors. Thus, the speeds can be miscalculated.